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Samoa Realty Ltd
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Samoa Realty Ltd
Samoa Realty Ltd
Samoa Realty Ltd
Samoa Realty Ltd

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We are a professional Real Estate company serving Samoa since 1988.
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Samoa Realty Ltd is a family-owned real estate company based in Apia, Samoa. Samoa Realty originally started back in 1988. It was called Samoa Realty Investments Ltd and in 2001 it officially became Samoa Realty Ltd, when new ownership took over. We are proud to say that Samoa Realty is the oldest and still the biggest real estate company in Samoa to date.

As a small South Pacific nation, Samoa consists of less than 20% landmass that can be bought and sold in the local market as freehold property. Our company deals mainly in the selling and buying of freehold land. We also offer Property Management and Property Development services. Whether it’s a home you are looking to buy, sell or rent, Samoa Realty will ensure that the experience for you is hassle-free.

Our team has been trained to handle all your real estate requirements, so feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, if you need real estate assistance. We are committed real estate agents working to ensure all your real estate needs are met when you buy, sell or rent in beautiful Samoa.

Whats New  Updated: 11 October 2019
Matatufu: Beachfront Property Matatufu: Beachfront Property Motootua: Near Main Hospital Motootua: Near Main Hospital Matautu: 1 Acre Lot Matautu: 1 Acre Lot
Vaitele: Central Industrial Area Vaitele: Central Industrial Area Fugalei: 1/2 Acre Lot Fugalei: 1/2 Acre Lot
Tiavi: 2 BDRM Home Tiavi: 2 BDRM Home Maagao: 2 BDRM & Workshop Maagao: 2 BDRM & Workshop Vailima: 2 BDRM Home Vailima: 2 BDRM Home
Tulaele: 4 x 3 BDRM units Tulaele: 4 x 3 BDRM units Vaoala: 3 BDRM Vaoala: 3 BDRM Alafua: 4 BDRM Alafua: 4 BDRM
Matautu: 3 BDRM Matautu: 3 BDRM Lotopa: 3 BDRM Lotopa: 3 BDRM Matautu: 2 BDRM Matautu: 2 BDRM
Tiapapata: 3 BDRM Tiapapata: 3 BDRM Papauta: 1 BDRM Papauta: 1 BDRM Palisi: 2 BDRM Palisi: 2 BDRM
Sinamoga: 3 BDRM Sinamoga: 3 BDRM Vaitele: 3 BDRM Vaitele: 3 BDRM Vaitele Tai: Land Lease Vaitele Tai: Land Lease
  Vacant Lots
Lotopa: 1/4+ Acre Lot Lotopa: 1/4+ Acre Lot Tanumaleko: 1/2 Acre Lot Tanumaleko: 1/2 Acre Lot Aleisa-East: 1/2 Acre Lot Aleisa-East: 1/2 Acre Lot
Saleimoa: 5 Acre Block Saleimoa: 5 Acre Block Aleisa: 4 x 1/4 Acre Lots Aleisa: 4 x 1/4 Acre Lots Letogo: 7 Acres Letogo: 7 Acres

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